Test Systems

EMC Hire Ltd provides bespoke test systems to allow compliance and pre-compliance testing to specific standards. The system comes complete with all the equipment required to perform the testing and includes a software package that will be configured to your needs prior to the hire.

Where the test requires a pre-calibration (for example BCI), this can be performed at EMC Hire beforehand so you can start testing your Equipment Under Test (EUT) immediately.  Alternatively, the calibration fixtures can be hired as part of the system, allowing you to perform the calibration before the test.

A software operating procedure is also included to guide you through the process of using the software package to perform the testing.

We invite you to visit our facility for a demonstration and training, or EMC Hire can provide an engineer to set up the system at your location if necessary, or provide remote assistance via Teamviewer or Teams

Please contact us with the details of the test types you require, along with details of the product that is being tested. Examples include;

·    Testing for radiated emissions to CISPR25, on a Car Radio which is powered by 12V

·   Testing for transient disturbances covering Surge Immunity to EN61000-4-5 and Fast Transients EN61000-4-4 on a 3 phase industrial unit with a nominal current of 13A, and has peripheral / I/O cables to sensors operating at 100MHz

·   Pre-compliance emissions testing to CISPR 32 on large machinery that is located within a factory and is supplied by 32A 3 Phase

·    Automotive transient testing to ISO 7637 of a blower motor that has a nominal current rating of 20A but an inrush current of 50A.

In response to your enquiry via phone or through this website, an engineer will contact you to discuss your requirements. We advise that you download the below Test Systems Enquiry Form to expedite the process and ensure that your requirements are fully understood and met.

Test Systems Enquiry Form Download

Complete the form filling in all of the information you have about your test requirements and Equipment Under Test and submit to our team of technical specialists at Support@emchire.co.uk and we will contact you to discuss your requirements and time frames. 

Test Systems available;

Item 951 - Conducted Emissions System

Item 952 - Radiated Emissions System

Item 953 - Harmonics / Flicker System

Item 954 - Conducted Immunity System (All in one)

Item 955 - Conducted Immunity System (Bespoke)

Item 956 - Conducted Immunity System (Audio Frequency)

Item 957 - Radiated Immunity System (GTEM)

Item 958 - Mag Field Immunity System

Item 959 - Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) System

Item 960 - Transient Emissions System

Item 961 - Transient Immunity System