EMC Item no.: 392
  • Antennas / Near Field Probes
  • UHF-Microwave Antenna
Test Mode: Emissions & Immunity
Test Type: Radiated
Manufacturer: Electro-Metrics
Frequency: 26.5GHz-40GHz

Product description

The EMCO model 3160-10 is a medium gain horn antenna designed for use in Immunity & shielding testing within the frequency range 26.5-40GHz. They are linearly polarised, with medium gain, half power beamwidth (equal in both horizontal and vertical planes) and a nominal VSWR over the recommended operating frequency range. They can be used easily with a fixed antenna factor over the range of nominally 43.5dBs and with a gain of 17.0dBi. Both input to output are well matched to 50Ohm & 377Ohm respectively. Comparison of measured to computed gain & AF are generally well within half a dB and therefore can be considered as a standard for measurements within their operating bandwidth. The 27 degree beamwidth in both polarisation planes is ideally suited to illuminate larger EUTs. These antennae come fitted ready to use with a “K”(f) connector. Mounting is with ¼ UNC receptacle on two brackets at 90 degrees. Power handling in its present configuration is limited to 10 Watts by the waveguide to K adaptor. 

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