EMCO 3301B Active Rod Antenna RX Only

EMC Item no.: 322
  • Antennas / Near Field Probes
  • Low Frequency Electric Field
Test Mode: Emissions
Test Type: Radiated
Manufacturer: EMCO
Frequency: 1kHz-30MHz

Product description

EMCO model 3301 41" rod is designed to measure the “E” field in a single band over the prescribed frequency range. With its companion transmitting rod, the 3303 (Item 323), it sees most work in performing Chamber Shielding Tests to MIL-STD-285 and NSA 65-6.The antenna factor 3dB roll-off points are 175Hz and 35MHz. Between 250Hz and 20MHz, the antenna factor is flat within +-1dB. To help prevent saturation at the low frequency end, the lower 3dB point is switch-selectable at 170Hz; 1.9kHz or 22kHz. Saturation will not occur below a field strength of 0.7V/m resulting in an extremely wide dynamic range of 115dB nominal at mid-band. Internal attenuators of 10 and 30dB provide the ability to increase the upper limit of the antenna to 22V/m. A saturation indicator alerts the user should overload occur. The mechanics of the antenna consist of an adjustable rod, a 24” x 24” counterpoise. A high input impedance amplifier built into the base and a battery charger charging sealed lead acid batteries. Note;- The device is shipped with the 22kHz roll-off selected and zero attenuation by default. Please inform us if you wish differently. 

General specification

Frequency Range:  1kHz-30MHz (Calibrated from 9kHz to 30MHz)

Output Impedance: 50Ω

Batteries:                2 x 6 volt batteries provided needs recharging after 10 hours

Battery Charger:      Supplied with unit.

Size (LxWxH):         12cm x 8.8cm x 19cm. Tripod mountable via 1/4" UNC.

Weight:                 1.8kg

The counterpoise is screwed to unit and rod height set up to 104cm

Case Dimensions (LxWxH):   74cm x 41cm x 19cm

Rod Height:            41".