EMC Item no.: 437
  • Pre-Amplifiers
Test Mode: General
Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard

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Product description

The HP 8447F H64 is a wide band Pre-amplifier with Type-N (Female) connectors. It contains two preamplifiers. One provides 26dB minimum gain to signals from 9 kHz to 50MHz. The other provides 25dB minimum gain to signals from 100 kHz to 1300MHz.


General specification

Pre-amp 0.1 - 1300MHz

 Frequency Range  0.1 to 1300MHz
 Gain Flatness Across Frequency Range    ±1.5 dB
 Noise Figure  <8.5 dB
 VSWR (1 to 1300MHz)  <2.0:1 Input <2.2:1 Output   
 Impedance  50 Ω
 Maximum DC Input Voltage  ±10 V


Pre-amp 0.009 - 50MHz

 Frequency Range  9 kHz to 50 MHz 
 Gain Flatness Across Frequency Range    ±2 dB   
 Typical 3dB Bandwidth   6 kHz to 400 MHz  
 VSWR (9 kHz to 50 MHz)  <2.0:1
 Impedance  50 Ω
 Maximum DC input voltage  ±10 V

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